tielke (tielke) wrote in violinfreaks,

ornamentation in fiddling

Hey everyone, this community seems to be a bit sleepy at the moment, hope you're all fine.

Okay, what I'm actually here for...I was just wondering if someone could give me some kind of 'introduction' to ornamentation and embellishments in traditional fiddling. I've been looking on this (http://www.worldfiddlemusic.co.uk/) site and I can do the cut, but I don't really get the roll. Is it just the same as a cut, only that you slide your finger down before you move it away? I'd be very thankful if someone could explain that, tell me what other ornamentations I need to know about and how to do them. :)

Also, if you know about some good tunes to begin practicing them on, please tell me!

Thanx a lot ☺,


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