I had a swingin' time. (octobersea) wrote in violinfreaks,
I had a swingin' time.

new with questions.

Hi all, glad to have found this community. I have some questions which I hope some of you can answer.

I wanted to play violin my entire life, and due to circumstances beyond my control I could not- now, circumstances are under my control, and I want to learn. I was saving to buy a violin, when a dear friend gave me one- one I believe will be suitable for a beginner... so now I have a violin! But no musical experience.

I've read that violin is the most difficult instrument to self-teach. True of false? I'm sure this depends partly on if someone has played anything before.

I want to take lessons- should I learn to read music first? I have purchased a book/CD on how to read music, but will that be part of the lessons, or will I simply be ahead if I learn something about it now?

Thanks in advance for any answers... I am so anxious to get crackin' and learn to play this beautiful instrument.
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