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Any Advice?

Hello all! My name is Jen, I'm 23 and I just joined this community. I am very interested in learning how to play the violin. It's always been an interest and just recently I've gotten more and more into it. I am begining to do research on the instrument and I'm ready to start! The only problem is, I haven't bought a violin yet. I was hoping that I could get some advice from everyone here. I don't want to go over-board on the price since I am a beginner. What do you guys suggest I get or how much shall I spend? What are the main things to look for when buying a violin? Any and all advice for buying and starting to play would be greatly appriciated. I do plan on dedicating myself fully to playing and learning. I would like to get so good at it that I can play anything and create my own music. I really hope to hear from everyone soon. Thanks for reading!

<3 Jen
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