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Hey, Mary here.
I have a huge problem with a piece. Wanna help me?

I live in NY and I have my all-state nyssma soon [in like 10 days], its pretty much an annual test for music. But this year I'm trying out for all state.

I will be playing Mozart concerto for the violin no. 5 1st mvt. 
For the past 2-3 months, I've been practicing the piece w/o the cadenza. My teacher pretty much told me that I dont necessary have to play the cadenza. Like I just have to tell the judge that I had my SATs and didn't have time to practice it.
But I just found out today that I am required by the rules to play the cadenza. So it'll be like taking a test and asking someone to take off a few questions. 

What should I do?

Try and learn the cadenza in the 7 days (I'll be going on a band trip for 3 days), try and learn the cadenza in 10 days and forfeit the 300 dollar trip, or just not take all-state cuz it'll be impossible and move down a level (to lvl 6) which would I could use the same piece w/o the cadenza?

ps. This is the last year that I will be elgible to audition for all-state. I'm not really bent getting in all-state, I can still get into my county orchestra with a lower level (lvl 6)

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