Musta<3 (unboundsoul) wrote in violinfreaks,


I've been a fan of classical music ever since I played the piano back when I was only three feet high. So, I thought I'd share "Palladio" because I started learning it not too long ago for school. I have played the violin since the end of middle school now, and ever since I've come to LOVE it. I hope to become a violin instructor sometime, or at least Orchestra teacher. That would be the best. ^_^

But anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the music. After all, this is a violin-loving LJ community and who doesn't love calssical orchestra music here? I've always enjoyed it. I've always gotten irritated whenever it's left out in school functions or celebrations. Being an Orch Dork... kinda sad whenever admins at school never mention you when you're staring them in the face. So... yeah. Sharing the love. ^_^

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